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Our employees determine the success of our company. As an owner-managed, mid-sized company we place high importance on personnel management that is oriented to employees, and we are justly proud of an outstanding working atmosphere and many employee benefits (such as company-supported childcare places). We have already received several distinctions and awards for our commitment in the areas of profession and family, women in technical professions and workplaces suitable for handicapped persons. Direct and personal communication between employees and the company management forms the basis for satisfaction and motivation.

We invest in tomorrow's thinkers

Our employees are given a great deal of flexibility for the development of expertise; flexibility for the fostering of individual strengths and activities carried out on their own responsibility. Our state of knowledge is always up-to-date thanks to our cooperation with universities, technical colleges and research institutes. Our high level of training in commercial and technical professions ensures qualified and motivated young professionals.


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Inside Sales Specialist | WERMA USA

WERMA Signaltechnik is a growing international company with more than 370 employees at 8
locations. To develop our team in the USA, we are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated inside sales specialist.

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Have we aroused your interest? Then why not send your application to:

Udo Skarke | Managing Director WERMA USA
Tel : 315-967-4933


WERMA Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

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