Our configuration tools

For your own individualised product

Use the configurator to put together your own individualised product. After just a few clicks you will have built your own signal tower or traffic light. Images and interactive questions help you through this simple process.

You can then place your finished product directly into your shopping basket and/or print and save the selection made.

Signals?ulen Konfigurator

Configurator KombiSIGN

  • Modular signal tower
  • ? 40 or 70 mm
Kompakt 37

Configurator KOMPAKT 37

  • Pre-assembled
  • 2 - 5 stages
  • 37,5mm diam, IP 65
Ampelleuchte 890

Configurator Traffic Light 890

  • LED or bulb
  • Optional siren
  • Innovative fixing bracket
Ampelleuchte 853

Configurator Traffic Light 853

  • Square design
  • Different light effects
  • Optional siren
EvoSIGNAL Konfigurator

Configurator EvoSIGNAL

  • Signal beacon, sounder or optical-audible combination
  • Available in three sizes (mini, midi, maxi)
  • ? 62 mm, 130 mm or 173 mm
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