KombiSIGN 71 reflect 24V BK

  • Signal towers out of the line of sight can be easily monitored due to
  • the signal tower reflection
  • Shortening of reaction times and reduction of costs
  • No additional wiring as existing WERMA signal towers can be used and
  • signals are transmitted wirelessly
  • Simple commissioning due to
  • pre-configured modules
Part No.: 861.640.01
Diameter in mm: 70 mm
Voltage: 24V AC/DC
Protection rating: IP65
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • RED

$ 1,558.82*


$ 1,558.82*

Mechanical data
Height 66 mm
Diameter 70 mm
Materials PC
Housing colour Black
Protection category IP65
Connection USB
Tension relief Not present
Working temperature minimum -20°C
Working temperature maximum +50°C
Weight with packaging 213 g
Product weight 178 g
Electrical data
Operating voltage 24V
Operating voltage type AC/DC
Operating voltage frequency 50Hz
Operating voltage tolerance +/- 10%
Rated operational voltage 24 VDC
Rated operational current 900 mA
Rated inrush current 430 mA
Protection class Protection class 2
Pollution degree 3
Request to external PSU SELV/PELV
Approval data
Conforms with CE Yes
Conforms with RED directive Yes
Conform with ATEX-directive No
Conforms with CCC No
Conforms with UL No
Conforms with FCC No
Conforms with IC No
EAC certificate available Yes
Conforms with AS-I No
ICAO Certification No
Conforms with GL No
Conforms with RoHS CN No
Conforms with VdS No

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