Signal Towers
Systems for process optimisation
Signal Beacons and Traffic Lights
Horns and Sirens
Optical-audible combinations

SmartMONITOR - The alternative to MDC systems Everything under control with SmartMONITOR. The wireless retrofit solution for Industry 4.0


Upgrade your columns to a wireless monitoring system for machines and manual workstations. The simple retrofit solution helps you to make your processes faster, leaner, better and more efficient. Reduce response times and optimize production processes and never miss critical situations.



AndonSPEED - The solution for packing and shipping workstations


Modular and pre-assembled stack lightsUnique features such as light effects, sound options, installation options can be combined to find the right stack light

werma modular and pre-assembled stack lights

Whether stack lights are used on machinery and equipment, manual workstations or for access control and point-of-sale systems, WERMA stack lights reliably signal different statuses, such as faults or material replenishment requests. The urgency of the signal can be easily increased using different signal elements which enable an immediate response and resolve any problems quickly.

ConfiguratorModular stack lights &
traffic lights

werma configurator

About WERMA It all started in 1950 with a hair dryer …

… today, WERMA signals secure all processes! WERMA signal technology is one of the worldwide leading companies producing visual and acoustic signalling devices. Our solutions make working environments safe and processes more efficient – whether used on machines or manual workstations, in factory halls or entire buildings. From signal towers and signal lamps to horns and sirens - our signalling devices warn, guide and protect people around the globe. Our unique signal towers can be easily turned into machine data acquisition systems. This is what we call intelligent signal technology.

2021 - Recent news from WERMA

23 Nov

eSIGN - a new dimension of signalling

11 Oct

Whitepaper: Signal technology - applications in industry

15 Sep

"We can ensure a safe return to school!"

19 Jul

Success Story: Safe production at HYMER thanks to CO2 traffic lights

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