eSIGN - new dimensions
in signals

The best signal tower ever.

the new benchmark
in industrial signalling

surface signalling
customising options
industrial design
2 sizes, with/without siren, 24 V supply/version with IO-Link technology

Mit eSIGN is the future of signal technology – a signal tower that, thanks to electronic modularity, sets new standards. Powerful features, maximum compatibility and an industrial design that blends functionality with style and robustness. As the latest generation, eSIGN defines the future of the signal tower.

Signal technology as you’ve never seen it before.

The new eSIGN brings new dimensions to light. Electronic modularity enables the achievement of a variety of signalling modes with numerous colours, brightness levels and light effects, from the classic traffic light to completely customised settings. Variable level indications or complete surface signalling can be realised without difficulty with eSIGN.

  • Classic signal tower indication in individual tiers
  • Autoscale mode for complete surface signalling and optimum visibility
  • Variable level indication from 0 to 100 %
  • Individual control to suit requirements

Light in new dimensions

More colours, more effects, more individuality. Or do you need a classic traffic light indicator? A variable level indicator? Complete surface signalling, or completely individual signalling options? And in different light effects such as permanent, blinking, flashing or rotating light ...

Level indication
Status indication
Access control
Acoustic warning
Process monitoring
Visual warning
Building security
Operating status

In general, eSIGN offers the option to configure the colour, light intensity and light effect of optical signals. This function can be exploited in one of four modes:

eSIGN - signal modes

The signal light with state-of-the-art LED technology – the latest standard in industrial signalling.

eSIGN Standard Mode
Signal tower mode

Individual eSIGN segments (e.g. 3) can be combined to create a single tower tier. This enables the creation of a classic signal tower in an electronically modular form. Individual tiers have fixed positions in this mode and may be off if the corresponding tier and optical signal are not activated.

eSIGN Automatic Mode
Autoscale mode

eSIGN segments are divided automatically and equally between the number of actuated pins and status warnings. This enables the full potential of the eSIGN to be exploited by providing complete surface illumination. If, for example, only one status warning is active, then the entire surface of the eSIGN is illuminated in one colour for maximum visibility. If the segments cannot be divided equal-ly, the colour with the highest priority receives the last segment or remaining segments.

eSIGN Filling Level Mode
Filling level mode

The filling level indicator enables accurate signalling of machine processes as a percentage. This mode is suitable for applications such as indicating work progress or material availability.

eSIGN Segment Mode
Individual mode

Each eSIGN segment (9 or 15 per tower) can be set and actuated completely individually, thus enabling maximum customising of signalling options.

Ready to resist

  • Enhanced resistance to typical production substances
  • UV resistant
  • IP66 / IP69k
  • UL type 4X

Are you sure that, everything’s running okay?
Sounds good.

Audible signalling systems are an indispensable part of daily working processes all over the world. This does not apply solely to the safety of personnel and protection of equipment, but also smooth work flows and the comforting assurance that everything is running okay.

The new eSIGN includes a siren with up to 10 different tones that can also be set to indicate specific applications.

Combination with light effects, variable volume options and uncomplicated configuration is, of course, achievable

eSIGN is versatile and customisable –
as if made especially for you

The new eSIGN is a visible symbol of consistent progress.

eSIGN - is available
in a number of variants

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